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Ashoka Tree Resort at Tanggayuda Ubud is a boutique resort offering breathtaking beautiful green hills and valley view that can be seen directly from the villa, hotel, restaurant and public pool.

About Ashoka Tree Resort

Ashoka Tree Resort at Tanggayuda Ubud

Perched on a green hillside of Ubud, overlooking majestic lush forest in all of its ancient glory; including Wos River running below, Ashoka Tree Resort at Tanggayuda Ubud is a blissful getaway sanctuary for all travellers looking to spend their holiday night away from the bustling city life.

In one episode of Ramayana Indian Epic, Princess Sita once rests herself below the shade of Ashoka tree during her stay at Lanka region. The medium-sized evergreen tree blooms flame-like scarlet flowers that appears in clusters, and considered holy by Hindus and Buddhists devotes. This is what we, Ashoka Tree Resort at Tanggayuda Ubud wants to convey through our convenient accommodation: a peaceful place where everyone can unwind in the midst of pristine verdant nature.

Simple yet elegant, with a strong traditional Balinese feel in its architecture and interior composition, Ashoka Tree Resort at Tanggayuda Ubud seamlessly blends with the gorgeous natural surroundings to enhance guest’s staying experience. Get soaked into the tranquil atmosphere immediately as you arrived on the resort’s spacious parking lot and our professional staff greets you with genuine smile. On the second level of the lobby, feel free to relax for a bit as your room is being prepared. Get warm up a bit on the ping pong table, or just sit on the sofa and take a glimpse at the swimming pool area below, ready to refresh your body during your stay.

Once you get the room key, our staff will gladly escort you to your desirable lodging. There are four main types to choose; Superior Room, Deluxe Room, One-Bedroom Pool Villa or Two-Bedroom Pool Villa, all conveniently designed to suits your need and completed with international standard amenities; AC, Free Wi-Fi, Mini Bar, to gorgeous bathroom with deluxe bathtub design, all built with your utmost comfort in mind! After your staying experience is officially begun, now it’s time to explore around. As you walk on the aforementioned swimming pool area, you might notice some hammock lazily hanging below the lush tree, ready to use whenever you’re up for a brief snooze surrounded by Ubud’s breezy ambience.

Stroll up across the paved path just beside the pool and you’ll arrive to the resort’s LADDU Kitchen; a quaint open-air hillside restaurant serving international all-day goodness with a hint of Indian and Indonesian touch. There’s yet another ‘sport-with-a-view’ facilities to entertain you in the restaurant and swimming pool area; a basket ring and billiard table, respectably. If you feel like doing a full-blown body exercise, the resort’s Gym is always open to welcome you. Our SPA is also not to be missed, for those seeking to pamper themselves with quality well-being treatment.